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Forecluser Cleanouts!

Socially Responsible, Eco-Friendly, and Community Focused

When it comes to social responsibility and eco-friendliness, Junk Mania strives to make our communities better.  You can count on Junk Mania, to put our communities within Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, and other surrounding cities at the forefront of our business.

Whether you are a bank, real estate agent, property investor, or house flipper looking to flip a repossessed home or convert into an investment property; foreclosures can be a great investment.  Unfortunately, the likelihood of a home like this can be cluttered with a ton of junk left behind.  If you are looking for speed and convenience to clear out a home so you can get it ready for resale or as a rental, give Junk Mania a call!  We are professionals that have the skills, safety guidelines, and equipment to clear-out homes with speed and efficiency.


How does it work?

A foreclosed home clear-out is not much different than any other junk removal job.  We take everything and anything that is wanted or needed without you moving a muscle!  The condition of the home, condo, and/or apartment can vary depending on how long it has been vacant.  You might be looking at a simple clear-out or a larger project if the property has been vacant for a long time.  There can be a lot of junk left behind, including old appliances and furniture that needs to get rid of.  There can be old yard debris that needs to be cleared out, as well!  OH, and let's not forget about all the critters and insects that might be in there too!

Junk Mania has the guidelines and safety measures to enter almost every property condition to clear out anything and everyhting so you don't have to.  All you have to do is clarify what needs to be gone and we take care of the rest.  

Why Should I Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company Near Me to do My Forecluser Cleanout?

There are many reasons as to why you should hire a junk removal business, like Junk Mania, to do the heavy lifting for you.  Junk Mania has the skills, safety guidelines, and equipment to tackle these types of jobs for you.  

First, hiring a junk removal business near you, like Junk Mania, eliminates a lot of time, energy, and resources that you will have to spend on this project yourself.  You can rent dumpsters, but they can get expensive depending on how much you are cleaning out, and for how long you are renting it for.  Then you have to take in consideration of all the time it will take for you to complete the job so you can then move into the next phase.  It is highly likely that hiring a professional junk removal business, like Junk Mania, will save you money, time, and energy.

Second, you need to have all the proper tools to tackle any of the difficulties of the job.  Junk Mania has all the tools to handle anything and everything to keep us safe and your property.

Third, you need to be strong and skilled to deal with heavier items such as furniture, appliances, etc.  You don't want to hurt yourself when you don't have to.  Call Junk Mania so our professionals can take care of it.

Fourth, these projects take time and time is money.  Speed is everything and you can only be doing so much at a time.  Having a local professional junk removal business near you that is fast, efficient, and reliable to get the job done with speed will relieve you a great amount of stress.

Lastly, we know how to do all this properly and where to dispose of everything properly as well.  Save yourself, time, energy, and money and have Junk Mania be your Junk Call on Speed Dial!

What type of clean outs do we do?

Home Clean out

Estate Clean out

Renovation Debris

Moving Clean outs

Garage Clean out

Attic Clean out

Basement Clean out

Yard Debris Clear out

Investment Property Clean out

Hoarder Clean out

Foreclosure Clear out

Office Clean out

Retail Clean out

Merchandise Clean out


Renovation Debris Removal
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Are you going to renovate/demo anything within your property after it has been cleaned out?

Renovation projects can quickly get messy and frustrating.  Your project should be fun.  The cleanup never is.  Maximize your enjoyment with your renovation project by calling Junk Mania to clean up all your renovation debris and waste.  We move FAST so you don't have to wait long!

Junk Mania has the experience, tools, and the safety guidelines to remove all your renovation debris without any stress!  Junk Mania = Relief.

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