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Junk Removal

in Phoenix and surrounding cities

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Junk Removal
Frequently Asked Questions

Socially Responsible, Eco-Friendly, and Community Focused

When it comes to social responsibility and eco-friendliness, Junk Mania strives to make our communities better. We do our best to provide you, the customer, the best junk removal experience.  

You will experience so much relief, joy, and satisfaction from our fast, efficient, and premium junk removal services that you won't want this to be a one-off.  You will want to make Junk Mania your Junk Call on Speed Dial!

We often get asked the same questions from our customers.  Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions and our hope is to help answer those for you.  We know you are probably reading this because you are scoping us out...seeing if we are the real deal.  Well, it is true...because when you are the best in the game, they got a name for you...they call you Junk Mania, You Call, We Haul!



Junk Removal FAQs

1) What is junk removal?

Junk Removal or Junk Hauling is a service that includes the removal of unwanted items from residential homes, commercial buildings, and businesses.  This is a decluttering service that helps people dispose of their unwanted things properly.

2) How does junk removal work?

Junk removal usually works similarly from one company to another.  This is how Junk Mania works...​

  1. You contact Junk Mania and get connected with our friendly and professional Junk Maniacs.

  2. Your initially question regarding our services will get answered.

  3. You schedule your junk removal quote with same day junk removal.

  4. Junk Mania will arrive to your scheduled appointment with a 30-minute ETA message. 

  5. Junk Mania overviews your junk removal job and gives a free quote.

  6. Once you approve of the quote, Junk Mania will start working.

  7. Junk Mania does all the work for you, so you don't have to strain or stress.

  8. Junk Mania will sweep or rake our work area, so you don't have to.

  9. You pay Junk Mania when the job is complete.

  10. You leave an amazing review because you experienced industry leader level services at small business pricing and care!

3) Why use junk removal services?

There are many reasons that you want/need junk removal services. A few of the benefits are listed below:

  • Convenience 

  • Time Efficient (Saves Time)

  • Professional and Skilled 'junkers' that can safely remove anything and everything

  • Safer-Environment

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Proper Disposal

  • Donate and Recycle

Most people don't have the means to get rid of all their unwanted junk.  They don't have a truck or trailer to haul away everything.

Most people don't have the time/energy to get rid of all their unwanted junk.  Between family, work, and all the other stressors in life, it is difficult for people to find the time and muster the energy to get rid of their junk.

Most people don't know how to properly get rid of their stuff and where to go.  In addition, most people don't want to spend their day at the dumps.

Most people that have the time, energy, and the means to get rid of their junk rather pay for the convenience of junk removal services to haul their junk away.  No one wants to exchange their valuable time that they won't ever get back dealing with things they don't want anymore.

4) Why use Junk Mania for your junk removal?

Junk Mania is a socially responsible, eco-friendly, and community focuses junk removal business. 


  • This means we make it our responsibility to take part in cleaning and properly disposing of our waste.

  • We are eco-friendly because we recycle everything we can before having to go to the landfills. 

  • We are community focused because we donate everything we can to local donation centers, organizations, and charities.

Junk Mania provides industry leader level of service at small business pricing and care.  This means you will get the professionalism and quality of service as the leaders of our industry BUT with friendly pricing and the personal care that you deserve.

5) What makes Junk Mania different from other junk removal companies?

Junk Mania provides industry leader level service at small business pricing and care.  We build relationships with our customers through our quality services and make sure that every customer is left with the best junk removal experience possible.  We also aren't like other small junk removal companies...

  • Junk Mania will always be seen uniformed with proper junk removal attire that keeps us professional and safe.  Unlike other small junk removal companies, we are outfitted with proper attire that will keep us safe.  You won't find us in wife beaters, sweatpants, or joggers.  Our uniforms are rip and tear resistant so we can tackle the tough jobs.

  • Junk Mania is always outfitted with nano-tec composite toed boots.  We take our footwear seriously because you deserve professionals that have safety on their mind. Unlike other junk removal companies, big and small, you will never catch Junk Mania wearing unsafe footwear.

  • Junk Mania has the proper equipment for the job.  There is no job that we aren't prepared for because we bring the right tools and equipment to get it done.  One of our greatest values is our own safety and the safty of your property and that is why we believe in our equipment.

  • Junk Mania values quality speed!  We take pride in how fast we can get a job done with the proper skills, equipment, and safety guidelines.  Most junk removal companies get the job and then coast so they can charge unjustified labor fees.

  • Junk Mania values integrity.  We take pride in how well we pack our loads.  You can count on us to make your money worth it!  Once you receive a quote from us then you will never have to worry about us charging more.  If we underquote you then we take responsibility, so you don't have too!

  • Junk Mania is transparent.  We take pictures before, during, and after so you know exactly what is going on.  We also itemize our quotes, so you know exactly what you are being charged and for what reasons.

  • Junk Mania also cleans our work area.  The last thing we want to do is leave your property looking roughed up after we are done removing your junk.  We sweep and rake our work area, so it looks even better without your junk.

6) What is the average cost for junk removal?

Junk removal service cost can vary because of many different variables.  Typically, junk removal services can range between $500-$800 depending on your area.  These price ranges fluctuate due to:

  • Demand

  • Fuel costs

  • Dump Fees

  • Time to complete job

  • Potential surcharges on specialty items that require special disposal fees

7) How does Junk Mania charge for junk removal?

Junk Mania prices do not change but do vary from job to job....

  • Dump Fees and Fuel Cost are included in our prices. *Exception to long distance locations...miles surcharge might be applied)

  • Volume Based Pricing.  Pricing is dependent on how much space is taken in our trailer.

  • Weight Based Pricing.  We quote different more material that weights us down before it fills us up.  A ton of boxes isn't the same as a ton of brick.

  • Surcharge Fees kick in for specialty items due to specialty disposal fees, such as, paint, tires, etc.

  • Labor is included in our prices except for jobs that exceed an hour.  An hourly labor rate kicks in usually for larger jobs or for jobs that require light demolition.

  • We charge accordingly to the completion of the job BUT NEVER charge more than what we quoted.  We understand that you made your buying decision on what we tell you and if we underquote you, that is a problem that we eat so you dont have too!  

8) What is dumpster rentals?

Dumpster Rentals are an option for your junk removal needs.  Dumpster rentals are dumpsters that are dropped off at your property that allow you to fill with your junk. The dumpster rental company to pick up dumpster once your duration of time usage expires. 

Rental Fees Include:

  • Duration of Time

  • Size

  • Dump Fees Included

9) Should I rent dumpsters instead of getting full junk removal services?

Dumpster rentals can be an affordable option for your junk removal needs but there are hidden costs that you might not be aware of...

  • Availability is decreasing in Arizona due to increase in building.  Demand is higher = Higher $

  • If you need to extent for more time than the cost increases drastically.

  • Upcharges if you exceed the weight limit (you won't usually know until they dump).

  • Upcharges if you overfill

  • Your time and energy are an added cost that most people don't consider, especially if you have a team working on your project.  In many cases, you save time and money if you hire a full-service junk removal service.

  • HOA typically doesn't like dumpsters in front of homes for long durations of time.  There is history of HOA giving out fines.

Did you know?!

Did you know that city pick-up services in Arizona don't take everything?  City pickup services are very limited to what they can take.  Unlike city bulk pickup services, Junk Mania is a junk removal business in Arizona that takes almost everything and anything!

The best part is that we will go in and remove what you want gone.  The only muscle you might strain is your pointer finger when you point at what you want to be hauled away.  After that you can relax as Junk Mania does everything for you!

Whether you want us for a one-off job or are interested in saving money with our own recurring bulk pickup services, you can count on us to provide you the best junk removal experience in Arizona!

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