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8 Reasons Why Arizona Realtors Love Junk Mania as their go-to junk removal service.

Realtors have the pleasure of holding a special place in all of their clients' hearts. Buying and/or selling a home can be one of the most rewarding and terrifying processes in anyone's life! No worries though, here comes your knight in shining armor...your realtor!

There is one superpower that realtors possess that most people dream of...they can be "Your Guy", or "Your Gal", that knows 'somebody'.

Realtors often have a network of professionals that they refer out to their clients. The best part? They often pick good referral partners! Their network is a reflection of themselves. The one thing a realtor wants is to be the last realtor their client ever looks for. If they can hook them up with the best quality services, then they increase their perceived value to their client.

That is why realtors love Junk Mania.

We were actually called, "too fast and efficient". Why? We showed up when we said we would (10 minutes early actually)! Most of the time, tradies are known for being slow. That is why most people plan for an hour ETA when tradies say they are 30 minutes out.

In other words, it is that easy to outperform most junk removal companies.

Here are 8 reasons why realtors love Junk Mania's junk removal services!

  1. We show up when we say we will show up. They know we are reliable and trustworthy.

  2. We are professional in the way we act and in our appearance. They trust us around their clients and in their client's property.

  3. We work with them on our quotes depending on what situation their clients are in. They know we care about their clients.

  4. We have the skills and experience to tackle the job. They are confident we won't damage their client's property.

  5. We respond fast, get them on schedule fast, and get the job done fast. They know we are aware of the market and speed wins.

  6. We sweep/rake our workspace. They know they have one less thing to worry about to prep the property.

  7. We are friendly. They know we are good hearted and will treat them and their clients with respect.

  8. We throw in a bone or two because they bring us good business. They know we appreciate their business and will help out with cost for their clients.

We strive for realtors to be excited to share with their clients that they, "Know a Junk Guy".

Realtors want to be the last realtor their clients look for. We want to be the last junk removal service that realtors look for.

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