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How does junk removal work?

If you are here, then you are probably curious to how junk removal actually works. Well, you are in a good place because we like to think of ourselves as experts...

The good news is that most junk removal companies operate similarly. It is a low barrier to entry kind of service. Almost anyone and everyone can perform this job. With that said, there is a big downside to this. There is a large amount of people that don't know how to properly remove 'junk' from a property. Ever have a bad experience with movers? Well, imagine that in the junk removal industry. We remove large items, furniture, junk, and appliances from homes every day. You don't want some random person in your home with no experience, skills, or equipment to do the job. You are just asking for a bad time.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to find yourself a professional, skilled, equipped, and trustworthy junk removal company to tackle your junk removal needs.

We can't speak for everyone, but we can speak for ourselves...we provide premium, professional, trustworthy, and affordable services.

This is what it looks like to hire Junk Mania for your junk removal needs!

  1. You contact and get connected with one of our friendly and professional 'Junk Maniacs'.

  2. Your initial questions about junk removal will get answered.

  3. Once you realize you want to be best friends with us, you will book an appointment (same day, next day, or another day). *You can do this over the phone, but if you don't like people then we do have an ONLINE BOOKING option. Skip the phones and get down to business.

  4. Junk Mania will come out for your appointment with a 30-minute ETA text.

  5. You point at everything you want gone and Junk Mania will give you a quote (we never charge more than what we quote).

  6. Once we agree on the quote then Junk Mania will get started on same day junk removal (unless agreed upon later service date)

  7. This one is IMPORTANT: You Relax as Junk Mania does everything for you!

  8. Junk Mania will sweep and/or rake our work area.

  9. You pay when Junk Mania is completed with the job via card, cash apps, cash, checks, or SERVICE NOW, PAY-OVER-TIME.

  10. You witness such a great junk removal experience that you leave a review to share the love!

Feeling pretty good about it, huh?

Junk Mania provides industry leader level service at small business price and care.

BUT WAIT! The story of your junk doesn't end there. See, we like to dispose of everything properly. This is the journey of your junk when we leave your property...

  1. We go to donation centers, charities, and/or local organizations to drop off anything that has a second chance at life!

  2. We then go to recycling vendors to properly dispose of anything that can be recycled!

  3. Lasty, we take everything else to the landfill that we know won't make it.

  4. The End

That is how junk removal works...or at least...that is how Junk Mania does it! Junk Mania is a true professional junk removal company that has the experience, skills, and equipment to take care of your needs and keep your property safe. We believe in our services so much that we will stand behind it! If a mistake does occur, then we won't leave you stranded!

Your satisfaction is our mission because at the end of the day...your relief is what matters!

Your friendly neighborhood junk removal company,

- Junk Mania


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