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What is junk removal and why you need it?

You are probably starting to see more junk removal trucks driving around Arizona. You are probably wondering, "the heck is even junk removal?"

Junk Removal or Junk Hauling is a decluttering service for residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, and businesses. This service helps people declutter their unwanted items and dispose of waste properly.

We are essentially valet trash services...

Or glorified garbage men...

Why is this service important? We all know someone, you included, that can accumulate a bunch of 'junk'. Unfortunately, junk compounds pretty fast! Junk removal can range from decluttering common household full on hoarder cleanouts!

Here are 5 reasons why most people would want to hire a junk removal company....

  1. They don't have a truck and/or trailer to load all their junk in.

  2. They don't have the skills and technique to lift/move heavy items, such as, appliances and furniture.

  3. They don't know where to take it to dispose of it properly.

  4. They don't want to spend time at a landfill.

  5. They don't have the time in their day to take care of all their junk, EVEN IF they have all the means to remove it themselves.

If you are eco-conscious, then regular city services aren't the best option either. Many communities have city pick-up/bulk pick-up days either monthly or quarterly. The only issue with these city services is that they are VERY LIMITED on what they can take, and they dump EVERYTHING at the landfill without donating or recycling.

Did we just say that?

Yah, you would be surprised how little actually gets recycled.

This is where junk removal companies, like Junk Mania, come into the picture. Junk Mania does all the work for you because we have the skills, equipment, and the safety guidelines to handle any job properly. You point and we take. You don't have to move anything! Not only that, but we also pack our loads in a specific way so we can donate and recycle before having to go to landfills.

Here are the 3 steps in which we pack our loads...

  1. Everything we know that is absolutely going to the landfill goes in first.

  2. Everything we know that can be recycled goes in next.

  3. Everything that we can donate goes in last.

This way we can...

  1. Drop by donation centers, charities, and/or local organizations and unload donatable items first.

  2. We then can stop by recycling vendors and drop off recyclables.

  3. We then go to the landfill for all the other junk that cannot be recycled or donated.

You can trust Junk Mania to be a junk removal company with integrity!

Junk Mania provides industry leader level of service at small business prices and care.

Junk Mania is one of the most affordable junk removal companies in Arizona. We offer a range of services and accept different payment options that fit everyone's budget! Pay-in-full or take advantage of our Service Now, Pay-Over-Time options!

Don't waste your time dealing with your junk. Junk Mania will take care of it so you can save your time and stress-less! You Call, We Haul!

- Your friendly neighborhood junk removal company,

Junk Mania



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