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What makes Junk Mania different from other junk removal companies?

We could start and end this post with a "Because we are better". Which, we can...because we are least that is what my mom says...but we feel like you might want more than that.

We do our best to differentiate ourselves from our competition. We want to be seen differently and to be known differently. Let's dive in shall we!

Frist off...

Junk Mania provides industry leader level service at small business prices and care.

We hang with the best in the game when it comes to quality service, but we do it at better prices and with greater care for our customers. That is right. You get premium services at the most affordable price. How? We offer a wide range of junk removal services at various pricing, but we also offer something that most junk removal companies don't...Service Now, Pay-Over-Time!

We strive to give you such relief, joy, and satisfaction from our fast and efficient services that you won't want this to be a one-off. You want us to be your...

Junk Call on Speed Dial

How does Junk Mania differ from larger franchises within our industry?

  1. We care more for our customers and make sure they feel completely taken care of before we leave the job.

  2. We clean our job site when removal of junk is complete.

  3. We have WAY MORE quality control within the job and interaction with customers.

  4. We are completely uniformed! Why is this important? We are completely uniformed which means we have the same protective clothing. We also look like professionals that want to be at the job...not 'junkers' that rolled out of bed and picked up their least wrinkled work shirt. We also require protective boots. You would be surprised how many junk removal companies and franchises allow their employees to wear regular trainers/runners. We are outfitted with proper attire and footwear to keep us safe on the job no matter what!

  5. The biggest difference is that we are able to provide industry leader level service at small business pricing.

How does Junk Mania differ from other small junk removal companies and side hustles?

  1. You will always see Junk Mania roll up with uniformed 'junkers'. We are outfitted with the proper attire to keep us safe. We have the same work shirts, pants, boots, gloves, hard hats, and vests. You know that we are professionals and that we carry ourselves with pride in what we do. There will be never a time when you catch us wearing wife beaters, sweatpants, or joggers on the job, unlike our competitors.

  2. Junk Mania requires proper footwear. Unlike our competitors, especially side hustles, we don't wear fly knit Nikes on the job. We wear our equipment on the job to keep us safe. Last thing you want to witness is your junk removal company be incapable of finishing the job because they broke their foot.

  3. Junk Mania rolls up in a clean and professional truck. You don't have to worry about a beat-up pick-up that is currently being 'run to the ground' to show up to your home, making your neighbors question what is going on.

  4. Junk Mania always shows up with the proper equipment to tackle the job. We are equipped with the right tools to keep us safe, your property safe, and to help us complete the job faster. Most small junk removal companies and side hustles don't have the proper equipment.

  5. Junk Mania values quality speed! We take pride in how fast we can get a job done with the proper skills, equipment, and safety guidelines. Junk Mania always has two 'maniacs' on the job so we can get the job done faster with more efficiency. Most junk removal companies get the job and then coast so they can charge unjustified labor fees.

  6. Junk Mania has the skills and experience that most junk removal companies don't have. We know how to properly remove furniture, appliances, and larger items out of the property without damaging anything. We stand by our work, so even if there is an accident, we make sure to take care of our mistakes!

  7. Junk Mania values integrity. We take pride in how well we pack our loads. You can count on us to make your money worth it! Once you receive a quote from us then you will never have to worry about us charging more. If we underquote you then we take responsibility, so you don't have too! Most small junk removal companies lack the experience to properly quote, which can lead to a headache when they try to charge you more.

  8. Junk Mania also cleans our work area. The last thing we want to do is leave your property looking roughed up after we are done removing your junk. We sweep and rake our work area, so it looks even better without your junk. Most junk removal companies take your junk and leave right away!

  9. Junk Mania is truly eco-friendly and community focused. We pack our loads in a way that streamlines our ability to donate and recycle everything we can before going to the landfill. Most junk removal companies, including city services, dump everything with little to no recycling.

  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY! What makes Junk Mania different from most small junk removal companies, especially side hustles, is that we are completely insured!

We take our business seriously because we take our customers seriously! We are home of the most professional and fun junk haulers around! We aren't just glorified garbage men...we are a valet junk service!


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