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in Phoenix and surrounding cities

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Junk Mania Storage Unit Cleanouts!

Socially Responsible, Eco-Friendly, and Community Focused

When it comes to social responsibility and eco-friendliness, Junk Mania strives to make our communities better.  We do our best to bring you the fastest cleanout services for your storage unit.  You can count on Junk Mania, to put our communities within Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, and other surrounding cities at the forefront of our business.

Are you wasting hundreds of dollars every month storing things that you ultimately don't need anymore?  Storage units can be great BUT how much are you willing to spend on storing things that you won't ever use again?

We take care of that for you.  All you have to do is get what you want to keep, and Junk Mania will remove everything else for you!  Are you on the second or third floor?  NO PROBLEM!  We will get it done.

Not only will we remove everything for you, but we will sweep out the unit, so you don't have to take any more time cleaning it out.


What type of clean outs do we do?

Home Clean out

Estate Clean out

Renovation Debris

Moving Clean outs

Garage Clean out

Attic Clean out

Basement Clean out

Yard Debris Clear out

Investment Property Clean out

Hoarder Clean out

Foreclosure Clear out

Office Clean out

Retail Clean out

Merchandise Clean out


Why Should I Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company Near Me to Cleanout my Storage Unit?

Storage Units are easy to forget about...until you start seeing that monthly bill continues to suck money out of your account.  Most often than not, you are storing things that you might never use again AND it is COSTING you money!  This is why Junk Mania is your go to junk removal company for storage unit cleanouts in Phoenix and surrounding cities.

First, Junk Mania will do everything for you, so you don't have to move a muscle.  Whether your storage unit is on ground level or on the third floor, we will tackle it for you!

Second, you probably don't want to spend your day moving heavy items out of your storage unit, especially if it isn't on ground level.  Junk Mania is strong and skilled to deal with heavy removal jobs.

Third, you can have Junk Mania do all the work for you at the cost of your Storage Unit rent.  You will be saving your time, energy, and MONEY!

Lastly, you can count on Junk Mania to fully sweep out your storage unit for you, so you literally don't have to do ANYTHING to prepare it for the next renters.

Storage Facilities Cleanouts

Do you own a storage facility and have units that need to be cleared out for new renters?!  Call Junk Mania and we will provide you with the best junk removal services.  No need to pay your employee labor and risk them getting injured.  We are insured and have the skill set and safety guidelines to tackle all jobs!

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